Good Morning Tuesday June 16th, 2009

Today is Tuesday June team number 2009


About the blog up and running for a few days which is a new venture for my website. Not sure what to do to make it much better of it to slowly add content.


I started traded it with a recorder company. Approximately 4000 shares in play with calls sold to the north plates sold to the south and the original Baker puts the about when I first entered the position. I’ve not checked the new one day. I love the look this morning to see broad positions that I’ve made any significant amounts of money. I give you this point in time assembly to hang on for cash flow. The value of the asset can shift all over the place. What I’m really looking for is the Catholic to be generated from the sale of the options. What I should look for the future is a way to diversify the set of money to the Ford Motor Company takes enormous to I don’t lose everything inside the investment.


That’s all for today I am dictation is done and it’s six o’clock off to work.

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