Good Morning! Tuesday June 23rd, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 (Raw Dictation from Voice Recognition / Speech Recognition Software Dragon Naturally Speaking 10)

Yesterday I took today at home working on the deck. In the morning I was able to trade stocks on the open market and took approximately a $3000 loss. Today was rough. I woke up to have $22,500 in shares of Ford Motor Co. assigned to me because the plates sold the previous month that were in the money were assigned at $6.09 or $6.03 somewhere in the neighborhood so at the end of the day I made approximately $.60 per contract over 42 or 41 contracts and ended up being a huge loss when they were assigned is the difference the stock price which was 561 excited that I bought her a 603. In short, ouch it hurt but what was even worse is the stock in pursuit of total to about $5.39 project on even more pain uncover the entire process.


ProQuest my mind right now is Wolf fourth line supported its current support line of $5.45 yesterday didn’t downloaded the five dollars and 39 $5.38 but in looking back on the support line and fill 61 up her support for the stock is still in place. In any event the piece that I noticed yesterday right before the market closed was the the stock did roll it up to approximately 80% on the stochastic indicator down again the weekly is starting to point up and the daily his starting point actually is the daily the pointing up at the weekly which is staying at the top and just moving from left to right embedding.


In any event, the portion of the stock that was done yesterday was largely due I’m sure the 200 point loss on the Dell. I’m sure this morning if there’s a rebound the portable job several percentage points with allowing to at least get out of the levers portion of my position. From that point forward fibula Dolittle the trading and adjust my position such that I could put in place to put myself in the catastrophe which would be forward hard for bankruptcy this morning. Killer bees will be able to do as again sell the options are right and be able to wait during the month while Ford was back-and-forth with the band.


In short, all you do summarize my currently superior to such that I’m able to get my bearings straight and learn from the fact that not everything will be perfect in the investment experts I have so far as the losses double up when you sure to put and also hold the position of the same time.


The best part of the entire endeavor to what I could really do it is sellout the open call positions and cover with the top end goal as well as do the lower end component of the trade and have nothing at risk this might be the way to go since the thousand dollar swings been witnessing lately are little bit tough on the account.


This is all I have for to this morning dictation hope everybody has a great trading day


End dictation

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