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Ford CEO 1-word Tesla Compliment

Robot dogs

Zoom Quarterly Earnings up 369% 2021 Q1

Where’s the Trust in the $150 Million NFT Art Market? – Decrypt

Pest Supply made nearly a million dollars and kicked up a stink by appropriating distinctive Banksy’s style.
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Dorsey, Saylor, Winklevoss Twins Join MIT Campaign to Protect Bitcoin – Decrypt

Crypto industry backs MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative as it launches a new R&D program to strengthen Bitcoin’s infrastructure.
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Buffet Indicator

Filecoin Now Has a Global Capacity of 2.5 Billion Gigabytes – Decrypt

The Filecoin network continues to grow in size—and now it can store the equivalent to thousands of copies of Wikipedia.
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Design news Tempest in a K-Cup Ford’s caffeine inspired mustang Mach-E Design

Bone Healing in Reverse

Warren Buffet Article Love

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