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Remote blogging — AEON article Stupefied

Welcome to StreetRhetoric.com. Today’s blog post centers on an article received yesterday (Stupefied) about how many workers feel discouraged to use their highest levels of creativity within a corporate workplace. My question to the audience the day asks whether or not you agree with the words in this particular article. The article itself shoots a proverbial shot over the bow across the corporate culture. It effectively claims that super intelligent and motivated workers fresh out of schooling or primed to make a difference in the world. They feel the vehicle represents a corporation that has a outstanding reputation. They quickly learn that once inside the corporation it has so many processes regulations and behavioral altering influences that try to make consistency and predictability the norm. As a result the creative thinking ideas are often outside of some of these behavioral boundaries and cultural constraints. The article states that anyone who decides to total the cultural constraints and behavioral boundaries quickly identifies as somebody to be akin or aligned with how the system should work. Those that actually present truly disruptive and potentially company saving important ideas are quickly put off into a corner quarantined and discouraged people. The substance of the article frames that this is a behavior time to ensure the integrity of the company system and make sure that things are done right. What is most interesting about the article is I don’t believe they touched on whether or not doing the right thing over completing the process right was brought up. The typical situation is that it is very possible to have the structure and fa├žade of something operating in the correct or perceived right manner. However, the outputs of this functioning system while they would be reviewed and lauded as correct and right and within the normal boundaries of everybody else do not yield the right result. In terms of the analogy, the ability to cut a path in the forest is always possible. The ability to know if you are cutting the path in the right direction is something that takes a leadership outside of the box thinking and methods to analyze not if you’re efficiently cutting but if you’re actually cutting a path to something of substance at the right location the more interesting points the article also jumped down different spirals of how companies attempt to mimic other companies in hopes of realizing the types of progress a popular company has demonstrated. The most current examples used in the article places like Google Facebook Amazon LinkedIn or insert any other currently highflying media capturing company. The premise of their statement says that management of companies that want to yield those results tends to mimic what they believe the functions are inside of those companies and jump onto the fad. The output of that premise simply dictates that management spent so much time jumping from fad to fad to fad in hopes of yielding a quick buck result instead of laying down the infrastructure needed to make the same kind of outcome within their business context possible. The linking to the hard work and staying of the course despite outside affirmation of doing the proper or correct thing resounded very heavily within this article. In short order, the article basically states that system is working for other companies are not always the best to implement within your own context because your context is known well only to you and your management team and those with deep expertise within your industry. They briefly brushed up on the point that Google Facebook Amazon and others develop their own ways of operating networkwide counterculture to the proper ways business should proceed simply to make sure that their business model worked for them within their context and what vision they were trying to achieve. Of any of the points from the article the most important thing to remember is that the vision your company has may not have outside affirmations to tell you you’re going the right direction to make you feel good or look proper while you’re getting to the end goal. However if the execution is following a ethical and legal strategy then you will yield the results. My most favorite example is Amazon in its early days where was hemorrhaging money and nobody on Wall Street would believe that this company could ever exist in fact many of my peers and even mentors said Amazon was a foolish idea and then investment not worth looking at. The secret was none of them understood how Amazon’s accounting principle freed up an enormous amounts of cash on a month over month basis to keep the bills paid. This arbitration of paying versus receiving funds allowed Amazon to make money on the large amount of money within a short contextual period of time so that they can keep their business afloat. Accounting principles had not really adapted nor understood where this asked her funding was coming from in the kind of detail that Amazon’s management did. With their brilliance they were able to get a leg up on most of the competition and even most of the Wall Street analysts to the point where now Amazon is about an $800 stock. If Titanic moves are slowly taking over the e-commerce infrastructure if not becoming the bedrock of it within the United States. Highlight of the entire premise here though is that Amazon has strategies Amazon sees context and Amazon executes within manners they do not seem normal or well understood within the proper business context. However, the results speak for themselves and the article highlights that this creativity is outside thinking is what drives people to make real change to follow real visions and to avoid the trap of mimicking other companies to hope in gaining their results. In most instances the article was pointing out that mimicking other companies to hope to get their level of success is almost a deathtrap because the mimicking enforces cultural behaviors that may not make sense within the localized context of your business and what it needs to achieve. Either way check out the article below at this link:


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