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Consolidation, it is the name of the game

Today marks the first morning where I have started to begin the blog with all of previous blogs consolidated into one. Really, the inspiration for motivation to move in this direction simply came from learning word press more effectively. As a result, many of the reviews in fact all of this blog entries have been […]

Slightly over 2 years to the day on Phil’s Gang Challenge

Tonight, I was consolidating three blog entities into what is now on this site. While adding the kickoff post to the new catagories section of Phil’s Gang Challenge I noticed that this idea was kickoff 2 years & 1 day to the date. I was taken back as to how time flies as well as […]

Kickoff for The Phil's Gang, Challenge

The purpose of this blog is to document the trade history of an account using Phil’s X2 from the website Phil’s X2 is a trend following software which allows a user to make decisions off of momentum, money flow and the prevailing trend.

Phil’s challenge was to have a 25 year old simply trade […]

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