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P90x my endeavor into the world of personal improvement

Today is my first journey down the road of P90x.

Currently, this is my fourth attempt at move completing the workout program. In my previous three attempts, I have made through the fifth week of the program in my longest successful endeavor. I am looking forward to meeting the program in this particular attempt. The […]

p90x Week #2

Starting the second week of P90x & I broke a band mid workout doing the lawnmower exercise. The experience was exhilarating as well as confusing until the situation became clear. I will probably purchase the stock set of bands from the website & finally put my $20 coupon to work.

From a results standpoint, […]

P90x, Done with the first week !!!

Burning a little bit of the midnight oil tonight writing an article to celebrate finishing the 1st week of P90x !!!

The system has been sitting on my shelf since August of 2009 and for numerous reasons I wasn’t able to get in the groove of committing to this regimen. Boy oh boy am I […]

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