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Navigate tough talks like a hostage negotiator

Check this out: Navigate tough talks like a hostage negotiator

Yes, Getting a PhD Is a Good Idea

Check this out: Yes, Getting a PhD Is a Good Idea

Great article about Business Collaboration and tricky integration into companies

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The Hangover Part III or Fast and Furious 6 who wins box office battle this weekend?

Clearly the link below identifies Fast and Furious 6 as the champ. Check out the story about how Fast and Furious 6 crushed the Hangover Part III. At $122M, the Fast and Furious franchise must be proud!!!

Try out this link to learn How an Extreme Movie Makeover Saved ‘Fast & Furious’ From Going […]

Argh! I can’t get my RSS Delicious Feed to work with this theme

For whatever reason, I keep getting an error when trying to add an RSS feed to the outer right sidebar of this theme. The intent is to drop in several of the most recent articles I have read & archived in my Delicious account, inbox

If anyone knows how to resolve this issue, […]

eMailGanizer, the iPhone App with potential

For anyone looking towards a better way to organize e-mail from you iPhone, I stumbled across eMailGanizer when reading a post from Michael Linenberger’s blog titled “New” iPhone E-mail App that Converts Mail to Tasks.

At this point, all I have done is dive deeper into researching the authenticity of the claims behind eMailGanizer. So […]

Looks like IOS 7 form Apple is getting a workout

Apples is sure testing the new iOS 7 software. It looks like they are giving the software a good workout before releasing it to the public in only under a month. Check out the full article at the link below to see with the engineering team is searching for and if it is not the […]

Taking my 401(k) by the horns!

I’m looking into a new entity that involves creating a 401(k) fund that you can start a company against and the company simply ends up investing the assets into the 401(k) fund of the new company

The most interesting part of this particular entity is that it uses the rollover capability of IRA to IRA […]

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