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The Million Dollar Journey, part 2

The Original Goal of reaching a million dollars through investing never died & now new funding is in place to make this happen!!! Look back at several previous posts to see the history. I’m excited to add more content later to desribe:

The Background Story What has happened in the Gap The direction I’m headed! […]

The Million Dollar Journey Continued, 2012

My goal of reaching 1 Million Dollars through investing is still in progress. As I look back on this milestone, progress has been made albeit slow. The time for action starts now. I have begun to become very interested in graphite & its potential application into flexible screens for electronics. More to be posted/edited here […]

The Nuance straddle

After reading a short article about the company Nuance Communications, I decided to sell a straddle against the particular position on May 11, 2011. I sold a straddle on the position at approximately $21 for the may call and put. The profit on the position was $95. I purchased the stock at $21.65 a share. […]

Consolidation, it is the name of the game

Today marks the first morning where I have started to begin the blog with all of previous blogs consolidated into one. Really, the inspiration for motivation to move in this direction simply came from learning word press more effectively. As a result, many of the reviews in fact all of this blog entries have been […]

3 Trade & the round Trip limit

Today I finally got $22,000 deposited into my ThinkOrSwim brokerage account to prevent being caught in the 3 round trip trading limit. A week and a half ago I was up $400.00 US, and unable to liquidate my position. Completely frustrating as the position grew to $600 use with only $3,000 at risk. Either way, […]

The million-dollar journey blog's kickoff

Welcome all to the blog for street journey. The blog has one purpose. It will document my journey of investing highest, lows and in between moments along the way to reaching the end goal of generating $1 million in my trading account. All trades will be documented and actual information available upon request. As […]

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