The Million Dollar Journey — Update: 2022-September

All worthy goals take time and reaching 1-Million in my personal trading account represents one of them :-)! The pandemic provided a break from the traditional format of the 9-to-5 grind. Change presents opportunity, and it was applied to studying. The result paid off in dividends as the trend following system finally clicked into place.

Any system needs funding. With no great options for my 401(k), I took out a loan in 2022-May. The amount provided $50,000 in working capital along with about $25,000 already in the account. The loan payments span 5 years and cost about $975 per month. The goal requires making more than $975 per month…! While this calculates out to ~1.3% per month, it becomes the number to beat. Stay tuned to see how this round goes :-)!

Happy Trading,