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Use NEAT to Stay Active Through the Busy Holidays | Fitness | MyFitnessPal

Struggling to find time to exercise over the holidays? Add to your daily calorie burn with NEAT.
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The Journey Not the Destination an update on 2021-10-20

The site started many years ago, and I took a quick off ramp after initially setting up the infrastructure. The excitement continues to be omnipresent. My choices kept regular updates on the back burner. In fact, this WordPress based site really took on the role of a Commonplace Book for digital articles. With many, many years of unorganized posts, it’ll be fun to sort through & curate accordingly. As for what is next, more content related to investments, projects, cryptocurrency and of course information units for the Commonplace Book aspect of this site.

Happy Wednesday & thank-you for reading !

Drop a comment or two if you’re so inclined 🙂


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