Nuance, Apple and Siri oh the stories you can tell!

If you’re curious about the arena of speech recognition, back in 2009 a very interesting licensing agreement took place. According to an article in the SFGate which is the home of the San Francisco Chronicle, a small application called Siri was the key to kicking off Nuance’s strategy. While reading an article titled Siri app […]

Helping a friend upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11

Monday evening was quite an exciting event for me because I was able to help a friend upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11. In addition, I was able to assist in managing the users as well as their different sources from the version 10 prior to migrating to version 11. The entire event took approximately […]

Stock vision at and

So, I came across this stock vision program at The interesting event occurred when I was searching for books after seeing the most recent copy of how to make Money in stocks by William J. O’Neil & Co. As I was scrolling down the screen to see the reviews, I ran into an interesting […]