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$580 dollars of awesome, thank-you Natcore !!!

I love living in a free country and on a whim being able to take a risk. In today’s case I’m writing about the stock market. After putting $1800 dollars on the line, I found myself up $600 dollars the next morning. Who would have guess an unknown technology company specializing in coatings that boost […]

Living the digital life

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you set up at night and wonder if your digital data is secure. At this point in time, I am using Flickr to update or actually upload all of my important pictures. Being a former crewmember on Flickr, I still have access to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space. In […]

Where oh where did my Google ads go?

Today I find myself in a very interesting conundrum. I logged into my website which is and could not see my Google ads!!! Naturally, I became a little concerned. After doing a few minutes of digging into my Gmail account, I was able to discern that I had missed an update. Between the recent […]

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