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Cracked the Alternative Energy Holdings (AEHI:OB) code from


Alternative Energy Holdings (AEHI:OB) is the answer to today’s Green Chip Stocks’ No Mushroom Cloud, Just Exploding Profits.

I received the article at this link (click here) in my Yahoo e-mail account from Green Chip

After unleashing the power of Google, I found confirmation of AEHI’s connection to the Korean manufactures of the […]

Slightly over 2 years to the day on Phil’s Gang Challenge

Tonight, I was consolidating three blog entities into what is now on this site. While adding the kickoff post to the new catagories section of Phil’s Gang Challenge I noticed that this idea was kickoff 2 years & 1 day to the date. I was taken back as to how time flies as well as […]

Ford, Ford, Ford, I love Ford Motors !!!

All, I’ve been trading Ford Motor Company, F, for about the last two months. My progress has been fine and I’ll update with numbers later.

I hope all is going well in your trading endeavors!!!

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