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The Power of TED Talks

My curiosity Waltzed over to sometime last week. In the middle of folding laundry late one evening, I scrolled over to a TED Talk series on NetFlicks called: Chew on This. The first three episodes were amazing. Oddly enough, these are from 2010, so a significant amount of time has transpired since their creation. […]

The Evening Post for 2015-02-17 via Andrea Electronics WNC-1500 and Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Professional Edition

Tonight ever myself running through this particular dictation of what I want to add to the website as content moving forward. From my standpoint I currently want to expand the site content to incorporate commonplace books investing in general speech recognition and voice recognition software’s. Of also recent interest is artificial intelligence. Specifically the connection […]

Traders, Batteries & Dragon Naturally Speaking Remote Microphones

In celebration of getting the remote microphone working through my iPhone 5S with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 5 Professional edition, a couple intriguing articles are included below. The 1st article discusses the replacement of people with machines. The 2nd article addresses how Samsung has solved a major battery problem within cell phones.

Along the lines of […]

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