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Traders, Batteries & Dragon Naturally Speaking Remote Microphones

In celebration of getting the remote microphone working through my iPhone 5S with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 5 Professional edition, a couple intriguing articles are included below. The 1st article discusses the replacement of people with machines. The 2nd article addresses how Samsung has solved a major battery problem within cell phones.

Along the lines of the theme following the replacement of people with machines, an article from the Seattle pi hit the wire today titled: Traders silenced: CME to close most futures trading pits. The short of this article communicated that the open outcry futures trading pits are going to be closed. Apparently the total volume passing through the futures market has decreased over 75% in the last 5 years rationale for closing the open outcry pits which is where the human traders completed transactions stems from the fact that less than one percent of the CME’s business comes from these open outcry pits. The article cites that most traders prefer to use electronic exchanges. Special note was taken to highlight the fact that this is most of the traders that remain in light of this 75% decline in futures trading volume. Quite simply the factors of speed, convenience and accuracy were used as justifications. At the end of the day, old traditions come to an end and new traditions begin. The fact that futures move on is the important part of this particular market. My heart goes out to the 60 or so individuals that appear to be losing their jobs as a result of this change. I hope that the CME can reallocate their resources and retain theirs skilled personnel. Of interesting note was the fact that most of the remaining open outcry traders moved to end of paragraph actually use cell phones or other handheld devices to complete their transactions. This makes for an interesting segue into the 2nd article for today.

The connection to the 2nd article comes from how Samsung has solved a major smartphone battery problem. According to the article which hit the wire today from Forbes magazine, Samsung chose to begin manufacturing its own ePoP which is shorthand for embedded package on package memory. The short of this article communicates how symptoms innovation can save up to 40% of space in a smartphone. Immediately is then to assume that a much larger battery be put in this extra amount of space. The article does fairly portraying that a 40% increase in available space is more theoretical than practical this point time. Also, it noted that the major portion of Samsung’s innovation comes from being able to stack the memory on top of the processor and allow for its proprietary nature to dissipate heat. This has been the typical constraint prohibiting manufacturers from pursuing this in the past. The interesting piece of the article describes how Samsung will immediately be able to apply this innovation within its own phones as well as for any other companies it performs manufacturing services for. I wonder if this will show up in a new iPhone shortly? From my perspective, it will finally be nice to have this battery upgraded to a more sustainable and longer duration! I wonder how Morphie feels right now or the similar knockoff companies who make cases that essentially extend battery life for phones. Do you think consumers will still want the extra juice or trade in the bulk of the case in favor of the sleekness and slim profile of the phone?

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Article created using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12.5 Professional Edition.
Dictation source captured using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking remote microphone tool on in iPhone 5S.
Article revision history:
2015-02-04, initial publication of article

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