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Weeding My Blog’s Garden

For some time now, I’ve been wondering why some very random & inappropriate links were showing up in my blog’s stats. The information available led me to determine that the random links started occurring between January thru March of 2012. See below for a screen shot of the exit pages to date for June 2012.


Nuance, Apple and Siri oh the stories you can tell!

If you’re curious about the arena of speech recognition, back in 2009 a very interesting licensing agreement took place. According to an article in the SFGate which is the home of the San Francisco Chronicle, a small application called Siri was the key to kicking off Nuance’s strategy. While reading an article titled Siri app […]

Cool articles starting from

Today I find myself perusing through the interesting suggested articles today from As usual, I run into an article published by the Harvard business review (HBR). The article in particular was six keys to being excellent at anything, and it linked in to some very interesting articles as well. The most important piece that […]

Why So Much Comment Spam ?

I find myself wondering why so much comment spam is received on daily basis. Personally I find this rediculous! Literally, the site recieves comments daily mentioning fake passports, fake documents, opporutnities to improve SEO rankings that acutlally point to pharma or drug related sites. I’m simply astonished at the amount of time going into creating […]

A random walk through the web, June 2, 2012

Today I found my post with one simple purpose. I took a random walk across the web which started on my mobile device and ended on my computer. The beginning of my journey started out on the LinkedIn mobile application. The initial connection came from a person who I might know that is one of […]

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