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Weeding My Blog’s Garden

For some time now, I’ve been wondering why some very random & inappropriate links were showing up in my blog’s stats.  The information available led me to determine that the random links started occurring between January thru March of 2012.  See below for a screen shot of the exit pages to date for June 2012.

Screen Shot from blog exit pages on June 24th, 2012

I was able to narrow down to a folder named eveving in my Public HTML folder.  Interesting enough, the date modified was February 2nd, 2012 & to top it off, over 300 – 400 files were uploaded into this folder.  Fortunately enough the URL matched the results above and the plan became clear.   Time to weed out the inappropriate links from the blog!!!

Hope this helps anyone running into the same issue.  The stats for 404 errors where 1279 today.  I’ll keep track to see if they exponentially grow over the next few weeks.



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