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Added: 2007?11-18 — URL:
One of my absolutely favorite websites. I’ve listed to KBNP 1410 in Portland for 3 years now. I highly recommend listening to any of the content at

Phils Gang
Added: is an incredible site. Phil is an excellent teacher. If you do one activity, check out this resource. 

Gabriel Wisdom

Added: 11/19/2007

Gaberiel Wisdom has a great radio show syndicated daily on Gabriel also runs a
Series of “Fallen Angel” mutual funds at Take a look. The
methodology is posted, and the funds try to double an investment over a 3-year period.
Added: 2017-07-22 has over 2300 articles on finance topics.  It is 100% compatible with both US government and W3C guidelines for accessibility, meaning that works great with assistive technologies like scree-readers.  With the trends toward hands-free and assist-like devices, put this on the top of the list!
Added: 11/19/2007

Investopedia is a wonderful resource. Full of great content and constantly updated.

Added: 12/13/2007

Read “An American Hedge Fund” !!! The book is fantastic, and Timmothy’s story is inspiring.

Added: 12/13/2007

My current online broker. Found them through searching on the internet and comparing against Scottrade, TD Ameritrade excetra.

Added: 07/24/2008

Checked this site out after reading An American Hedge Fund. Liked the content. Check it out for your stock, option & other investment needs.

Added: 07/24/2008

I check Yahoo Finance daily. I enjoy the headlines and have become used to their format for displaying stock & option data. 

Article SmartMoney

Added: 10/10/2008

Interesting Article from SmartMoney about Online brokers.



Check out for tools & information, especially their StockVision-PowerScan software

Premium Brokers

Full-Service Brokers

Discount Brokers

Added: 10/10/2008

List of Stock Brokers


TaskTask, URL:
Added: 05/12/2012
What is it? iPhone Application for task management

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