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Living the digital life

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you set up at night and wonder if your digital data is secure. At this point in time, I am using Flickr to update or actually upload all of my important pictures. Being a former crewmember on Flickr, I still have access to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space. In […]

Nuance, Apple and Siri oh the stories you can tell!

If you’re curious about the arena of speech recognition, back in 2009 a very interesting licensing agreement took place. According to an article in the SFGate which is the home of the San Francisco Chronicle, a small application called Siri was the key to kicking off Nuance’s strategy. While reading an article titled Siri app […]


Found a great article yesterday talking about the benefits of the Olympus DS-7000 recorder with regard to speech recognition. The DS-1 algorithms sound incredible.

Check it out at KnowBrainer

I’ll post the article when back at my CPU Jimmy

Dictating the Microsoft speech recognition tools

So today I find myself dictating into this particular blog using the Microsoft speech recognition tools. Unfortunately, my dragon naturally speaking software program is not responding. The hardware profile I think for the computer upstairs has become too old. As a result, I believe the spontaneous disruption in service of the software is probably due […]

Dragon Naturally Speaing & Voice Recorders

I was quite pleased a few weeks back to run across a new application for the iPhone. It was a dragon recorder application. Naturally, I was excited as I love Dragon Naturally Speaking (currently using version 10). However, I found the basic features helpful but not as useful as the Andrea Voice Recorder application or […]

Mobile Apps iPhones Coolness

Last week,

I started using the Dragon dictation app from Nuance. The application is incredible and the best part of it is that I have now connected the technology into the WordPress application. Both applications are now working off an iPhone. The combination of the two makes this exceptionally easy to complete simple dictation into […]

The Nuance straddle

After reading a short article about the company Nuance Communications, I decided to sell a straddle against the particular position on May 11, 2011. I sold a straddle on the position at approximately $21 for the may call and put. The profit on the position was $95. I purchased the stock at $21.65 a share. […]

Helping a friend upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11

Monday evening was quite an exciting event for me because I was able to help a friend upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 11. In addition, I was able to assist in managing the users as well as their different sources from the version 10 prior to migrating to version 11. The entire event took approximately […]

Consolidation, it is the name of the game

Today marks the first morning where I have started to begin the blog with all of previous blogs consolidated into one. Really, the inspiration for motivation to move in this direction simply came from learning word press more effectively. As a result, many of the reviews in fact all of this blog entries have been […]

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