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Consolidation, it is the name of the game

Today marks the first morning where I have started to begin the blog with all of previous blogs consolidated into one. Really, the inspiration for motivation to move in this direction simply came from learning word press more effectively. As a result, many of the reviews in fact all of this blog entries have been categorized and can now be simply reference via their location and topic.

One of the more disapointing items that I ran into is the fact that many of the postings and much of the blogs had not been watched for a good period of time had a significant number of spam comments. Particular comments are disheartening in only one sense given that many people spend time producing content that is not of high quality and simply consolidates or collects on blogs where people have to then go back and remove this content spending their time. I am currently researching how to prevent this from happening on this particular blog because for whatever reason the plug-ins that I am using enable this particular outcome are not functioning in the manner of intent.

Otherwise, it is back to standard plan of attack and creating quality content regarding information, investing and tools to help you along the way


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