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Living the digital life

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you set up at night and wonder if your digital data is secure. At this point in time, I am using Flickr to update or actually upload all of my important pictures. Being a former crewmember on Flickr, I still have access to unlimited bandwidth and unlimited space. In fact, the entire switch over from Flickr being updated and Pro users walking away from their accounts perplexed me. I am not sure why anyone in their right mind would have walked away from unlimited space for only $50 a year. In fact, if you look at the terms of service for the 2 TB double or service, it is almost $200 a year for the same capabilities and less than unlimited space. Either way I digress. At this moment, I’m using my old Western Digital 500 hard drive. The end goal of tonight’s endeavors is to offload all of the electronic content and get it upgraded using the Western digital service. The upgrade is a simple addition in functionality for the software that runs the hardware of the device the in game for this particular activity tonight is to set it up so that I can use our sink to have a life backup on-site of my photos and dictations. All in all, it should not be too difficult. Once this is complete, I will be able to use the rsync function and back up the drive into my online storage solutions account. In some way shape or form, this piece peaceful better knowing that all this information is backed up in at least 2 different places.

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