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A random walk through the web, June 2, 2012

Today I found my post with one simple purpose. I took a random walk across the web which started on my mobile device and ended on my computer. The beginning of my journey started out on the LinkedIn mobile application. The initial connection came from a person who I might know that is one of the cofounders of Pilot . I was actually quite impressed by the mission statement behind their site. The fundamental theme was that the only compensation received by the team at was based on a fee-for-service model. In many ways, I firmly believe in this particular stance because I agree with the commission-based structures that may put wealth advisors in a conflict of interest with their clientele simply because they have to decide whether or not they want to make money by shifting the wealth of the client into different mechanisms that generate money based on the commission received from the receipt of the clientele’s money into the new vehicle. I wish them well and will look into their surfaces when my money becomes sufficient enough to need them.

After this random walk, I saw myself tied in to an article (Where Speech Recognition Is Going)  through twitter that described the future of speech recognition. Naturally, I found this exceptionally interesting because speech recognition is one of my personal passions as well as interests. In fact, the article that is being written right now is being transcribed through Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional version 10.1 .the article basically describe the fact that technology is taking a leap forward in the simplistic direction of processing capability linked into the ability of mobile devices to originate the content. An example is something such as an iPhone. This particular device now has as much processing power as the original spacecraft did that went to the moon. linking the processing capability in terms of origination of content with the ability of broadband connections to transmit sufficient information to server-based entities that can do the heavy lifting of the processing statistical analysis and voice-recognition creates the capability to implement broad based solutions that are useful to the average consumer .the best examples of useful applications of the technology come into examples with in this article that related to voice-recognition within Ford vehicles and the capabilitiesthat SIRI currently has for applications such as the iPhone or rumored applications such as iTV. Again, the article, interest simply because of the fact that it is describing useful applications of speech recognition technology for a consumer that needs to have something such as this work the first time every time .basically, the theme of the article boils down to a very point which is that a problem of significance or a service of great value must exist for an average person to wish to spend their time gaining a benefit from the investment of their time into this particular service .for example, the voice recognition technology and the Ford vehicles must be able to take dictated speech commands and properly perform a useful benefit to the driver otherwise, the novelty will quickly wear off and the additional expense inside of the vehicle will not be justified in the novelty will wear off as well is the application of the technology within the vehicle.

the final phase of my journey tonight ended in researching QR codes. I compiled a bunch of different options within the stack on delicious that will now be available long-term. If you’re interested in any of the articles feel free to look there.

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