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Today I find myself perusing through the interesting suggested articles today from As usual, I run into an article published by the Harvard business review (HBR). The article in particular was six keys to being excellent at anything, and it linked in to some very interesting articles as well. The most important piece that I appreciated from this particular article was its focus on the fact that skill can be improved in almost any area by diligent persistence and discipline. Much of what was written in this particular article links back to the teachings within the master key system. I do believe that many of these agencies and skill sets with which they preach and make their daily living from either have not or have read this book. Furthermore, I think that they know inherently about the law of attraction through subjectively or passively experiencing it in an example within their own life. Either way, I’m impressed and the links to the articles are below.

The best cover letter ever received-David Silverman -Harvard business review
be proud of your accomplishments, not your affiliations – Daniel Gulati – Harvard business review
the making of an expert – Harvard business review

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