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Tonight ever myself running through this particular dictation of what I want to add to the website as content moving forward. From my standpoint I currently want to expand the site content to incorporate commonplace books investing in general speech recognition and voice recognition software’s. Of also recent interest is artificial intelligence. Specifically the connection between the learning and machines ability to rapidly increase their intelligence. Also of exceptional interest was the biomimicry is a new field relative to what we’ve been doing in the past but an exceptional position to learn from how billions of years of evolution have a fault into allowing earth friendly solutions for very common concepts the most interesting example I can give is the Ted talk presented here. (Insert the link to the Ted talk heard today here). The next item on the list will be updating my current journey to invest. At this point in time I have a substantial amount of money ready in a 401(k) plan. This money could be leveraged to get a better return versus having in the 401(k) at this point time I have pulled all my positions of the market because it’s relatively sideways and all indicators look as if the market is going to go down significantly before decides to go back up again.

At this point in time also trying to adapt my methodology to enable investing for the sake of generating return on money borrowed from the credit card. Unfortunately most of this money has been consumed in the process of generating stable income and balance sheets for my family. All in all though the theory is that if I could take the money out of an exceptionally low or no interest. The process of generating this money also sets me up for the fact that I need to find a way to make a return based on the fee to point out. At this point time the fee was relatively small it was about $300 to access over $15,000. The trick though is getting this return back without losing too much of the capital. In fact it’s actually generating the capital and staying small enough within the trading range to ensure that you make to the small trades. Currently my favorite stocks to watch our Nuance Communications Yahoo and Amazon. One time I largest move next is to simply adjust the current investments to actually the money in the fund. As all good things continue, I’ve diverted some of the funds to cover personal expenses as noted above until I have the opportunity to shift the money back into this money generating opportunity. My target is approximately 1-2% per month. This seems achievable based on the current goals or stratification sentencing in the market. At the end of the day I’d love to hear any strategies regarding investing or options that can help me reach the school.

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