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Taking my 401(k) by the horns!

I’m looking into a new entity that involves creating a 401(k) fund that you can start a company against and the company simply ends up investing the assets into the 401(k) fund of the new company

The most interesting part of this particular entity is that it uses the rollover capability of IRA to IRA or 401(k) to IRA fun in order to circumvent or postpone paying the penalties against doing this normally.

As a result, these people are enabling individuals to chase their dreams. The portion of the articlethat cost my eye was Dry fly distillery which is based out of Spokane Washington. The most interesting part of this particular article was that it was a company I recognized and something that I had had experience with in the past.

As a result I decided to read the rest of the article. In and of itself it seemed fairly benign until I was able to read about the gentleman who started a recovery process to gain back all of the money that he had lost when the stock market took a tank multiple years back. The particular story of interest was a dog a business that the gentleman started in order to pursue what you found to be a niche market. All in all, the facts of the article or that the gentleman had previous experience managing businesses, so the risk of him transferring his 401(k) funds into this entity was minimized. The upside of the article was the fact that the gentleman was able to start a successful business and grow into multiple locations in order to get himself back on at the financial retirement. All of this was made through a product that is provided by a company called Guidant financial.

It was in going to the guidant financial website that I was able to insect or intercept the article about dry fly distillery. All end all, it caught my interest at that point and I was able to almost instantly submit my interest into a form. The web-based form then seem to transfer my information rapidly to an associate in my local area. I received a call within a half hour from a gentleman out of Bellevue Washington. It was very interesting to see how quickly this call came about. All in all, I was excited because the end result show that these people are serious and passionate about what they do. In fact, I think the phone call may have been in less than 15 minutes. Either way, I was impressed!

Unfortunately, I have been traveling of late and not been able to return the phone call. I was able to send an email and explain my interests this evening. I am excited to see where this path goes because I have dreamed of being able to incorporate my own financial business where I can trade the stocks on my own accord and take advantage of strategies that I cannot currently access in my 401(k) plan.

Either way, I am looking forward to this opportunity and seeing which way this road may need me.

Happy trading!

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