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P90x my endeavor into the world of personal improvement

Today is my first journey down the road of P90x.

Currently, this is my fourth attempt at move completing the workout program. In my previous three attempts, I have made through the fifth week of the program in my longest successful endeavor. I am looking forward to meeting the program in this particular attempt.  The most enjoyable part of the start of this particular iteration is the participation of my sons. All of them were completely engaged during the first shoulders and back workout today. I hope this commitment continues because over a ninety day workout program takes a significant amount of discipline to complete it. At the start of this program, I weighed approximately 173. This is a significant 10 pound reduction compared to where I was the beginning of this program last time. I am making a similar transition down to approximately 160 pounds.

I am looking forward to the transition this will bring and will keep all informed through daily updates on this blog..


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