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P90x, Done with the first week !!!

Burning a little bit of the midnight oil tonight writing an article to celebrate finishing the 1st week of P90x !!!

The system has been sitting on my shelf since August of 2009 and for numerous reasons I wasn’t able to get in the groove of committing to this regimen.  Boy oh boy am I glad this changed.  After the first series of workouts, I am sore and feel awesome.  It’s scary to imagine that almost 10 years has flow by since I’ve stuck to a serious workout program. Beachbody’s saying of decide, commit & succeed really holds true.  I’m looking forward to my day of X-Stretch tomorrow & bringing it during next weeks series of workouts.  To date, my favorite workout is Yoga X, awesome, challenging & exhilarating.

On a related note, The documentary Forks Over Knives is work the 1 hr & 36 minutes to watch.  The movie is factually based & sends a intelligent message about curious observations about the affects of dietary choices.  Check it out.



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