Top of the Morning, Friday June 19th, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009 (Raw Dictation from Voice Recognition / Speech Recognition Software Dragon Naturally Speaking 10)

 What about today. It’s 6:40 AM. Currently my trading account is the big nosedive. I forgot the fact that you also lose money when you sell short but in the market goes down. Currently about $2000 off or would like to be. This is slightly disappointing. All in all, I made a simple mistake and it cost a little bit of money. I’ll recover from the issue and not be too worried as I move forward. Fortunately, I received doublechecks in the mail that are 0% interest until 2 December 2009. I love these big projects because it is like free money. Except I don’t spend it and get myself in trouble. At this point, I’m very much enjoying what I’m doing along the trading platform you’re. I just unfortunately like doing the house goes up like it was earlier in the week instead of almost 1000 of hundred dollars down. Anyway, there’s a lot of truth to say he learned hard lessons by using your own money of the trading symbol accounts. I hope that you trading adventure do well today and good luck to everyone


Happy Friday

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