Wednesday, June 20th, 2009 Morning Update!

On Wednesday, June 20 more, 2009 (Raw Dictation from Voice Recognition / Speech Recognition Software Dragon Naturally Speaking 10)

I the $2000 mistake. Boots, make that $4000 mistake. The theme of patients is always stressed very heavily when trading. Yesterday I had. Simply I was assigned of options on Monday morning and the Ford Motor Company to a little bit of a dive from that point I’ll be not that large of a guy but still enough money that by the time it was Dalloway was almost $4000 in the hole. This is the considerable paper loss for me. The unfortunate thing is that I cashed out the positions of waiting because during the very next day as I anticipated the market recovered from the previous 200 point down day in Ford Motor ended about 560 27 increase from my soul is. In short, I left a lot of money on the table because and 8200 shares and play.


Although I found it to be a wonderful learning experience and something I will be able to chalk up in the my belt of experience as a become a better trader long term. The small losses are only subtle compared to what I have large amounts of money and maybe be managing a much larger position.


I hope all of you enjoy the trading day and look forward to the next update from street



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