What has been happenig with the site?

Many items on this website have been under construction for a long time. The ultimate mission of this website still remains the same which is to provide useful information to investors from a non-biased source that helps you cut through all the rhetoric that fills most of your daily information sources that come from Wall Street and many large-scale investment endeavors. One of the large drawbacks at this point in time is that most of the development on the site is being done by one sole person. A small achievement such as figuring out how to post a blog reader e-mail has taken several months to figure all the inner workings. All in all it will be very attractive long-term. However, in the last year that’s been one of the only major changes to the site save working on and learning WordPress as a potential tool to use to communicate this information.

As far as several of the goals and objectives for the sake go. The journey $2 million is still in the fact. The blog is being reworked at this point time and unfortunately I missed one of the best opportunities in history to potentially make a large stride towards this goal. I’m not sure that at anytime in the near future will the market make as large of a swing as it has made during the bull run up and crash of 2009. At any rate, this should not be measured hesitation because opportunities still abound every day and as long as you keep looking forward with the eyes on the prize all will take care of itself in the end.

I did come across Timothy Sykes website in which he is now enabled people to allow their funds to be tracking traded according to his investment strategy. Currently he has the template standard version and the Tim aggressive version. This is something I’m currently researching because it looks very intriguing to try out the Armatrading process for a mere 1.5% of the account value in maintenance fees every year. Currently he’s doing just fine is ranked number one of 40,000 different investment strategies along with being in the top 10 with his less aggressive fund. At the end of the day bowl strategies or alter aggressive and have a higher upon the to lose all money involved however with a consistent return of somewhere between 10 and 18% the risk could be worth the reward at this point time.

Otherwise, a large majority of the funds I had set aside to invest and then consumed addressing matters in my personal life. The funds will return shortly or by the middle to end of 2 to 2010 however this is really left a large opportunity or holes to fill because the money has not been able to work as I had expected. All in all with investing comes patients and patients be gets reward, so I am being patient at this point in time because using the time during the period of patients to sharpen my skills and become better adept at what I’m doing will only make the. Time I’m able to capitalize on this opportunity that much more effective.

In the sense of R&D in pools I’ve been using, I still follow Phils gang website. I’ve not been able to listen to many broadcasts in the later half of 2009 largely due to commitments in my work life and personal life as contrasted against the fact that there were only 24 hours in the day. I still greatly enjoy the content and firmly agree with many of the opinions stated on the site. I also have been able to use the fields X1 and fills asked to tools to make approximately $300 this year in one trade and $200 and another trade. This was all encompassing about to to a half hours worth of work. While not great hourly rate the fact that I was able to use a small amount of money and make a large return was very satisfying. My account is still recovering from a poor decision in early 2009 when I used a large amount of leverage and options to trade for the stock. Unfortunately I took about a $3000 loss within a 40 hour. And decided to exit the position early. As time tells Ford went to quadruple during the year and I would’ve made somewhere between $12-$16,000. So I have to take back my previous statement which is the decision was a poor but my ability to stand behind what I thought was the correct decision ended up biting me in the end. Furthermore I was personally distracted because of issues in my personal life where I then went to a more conservative approach for the rest the year to ensure that funds were available during the time of need. All in all back to my original point, right now is the time of patients which will be led into a time action in the near future.

From where I stand today, future goals will be to get smalltime advertising contracts in place as well as electronic content that can be sold at a minimal fee. Also, getting registered users to the site will be a large deal for me because this will enable a basis of which to gather information and begin communicating with other people who have similar interests. Long-term, I would like to start a mutual fund or private managed pool of money that enables people to join the strategy as well as provides a conduit for me to give back to people because I will invest their money ethically wisely and provide a return to all clients who end up joining when I am able and have enabled myself to provide the service to others.

Otherwise it’s smack dab in the middle of the holiday season and it’s time to enjoy family as well as the rest of what comes in the holiday season including my what looks to be potentially a 2 1/2 to 3 Our Dr. home over the course of 10 miles. You have to love when it snows unexpectedly in Portland.

Have a great rest of 2009 in your trading endeavors and let’s look forward to a strong 2010.

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