Slightly over 2 years to the day on Phil’s Gang Challenge

Tonight, I was consolidating three blog entities into what is now on this site. While adding the kickoff post to the new catagories section of Phil’s Gang Challenge I noticed that this idea was kickoff 2 years & 1 day to the date. I was taken back as to how time flies as well as how a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a big jump towards my $1 million dollar goal (with the last 2 years of market activity) has been consumed. Either way, I’m not losing sleep over it and found the fact to be interesting.

Good night & best of luck trading tomorrow!!!

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  • I started with Phil a year ago with $110K now I have $80K Ugg

  • Hey man, I found you googling phil. I just joined the gang in April as a working investor with X2 (now PTT2) I noticed there isnt much from working investors about their experiences on the user end. I’m starting with a 26K bankroll in a margin account and 5k in a cash roth IRA account, so far the product works but I have yet to clear my first 1K on the margin. I wish there was some forum for gang members to give their own opinions/thoughts on the product. anyways i hope you post more on this subject. GL with making your million, I have a long ways to go! Feel free to email me.

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