Olympus DS-7000 and Sony ICD-MX20 digital recorders plus an awesome answer from knowbrainer.com

Following up to my post from a few days ago. Below is a direct link to an incredible answer from the team at KnowBrainer.com.  They did an incredible job addressing my concerns between the different types of digital recorders that I have used.

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Specifically, I was looking for answers on the Olympus, DS – 7000, versus the Sony, ICD-MX 20, digital recorders. The most interesting piece of this question was the fact that I had thought the Sony ICD-MX 20 was one of the best digital recorders on the market based on the ratings from nuance. Interestingly enough, the Olympus versions of the digital recorders have a proprietary voice algorithm named DS-2. This particular technology is so powerful that the team at KnowBrainer.com decided to pull any other recorders that do not use this particular algorithm simply because the transcription accuracy for a serious or committed users that rely on this day after day is so powerful it doesn’t make sense to have anything else available-for-sale.

I greatly appreciate their Frank and independent analysis that was done to quantify data in a pragmatic setting to back this up. Take my word for it but also take a look at the article at the link below:

Transcription Digital recorder face-off: Olympus DS-7000 versus Philips 9600 and Grundig digital 7
Direct Link: http://www.knowbrainer.com/downloads/Battle_of_the_Digital_Recorders.pdf

I hope you enjoy the link and moreover drop a line in the comments section if you think this was useful information .

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