eMailGanizer, the iPhone App with potential

For anyone looking towards a better way to organize e-mail from you iPhone, I stumbled across eMailGanizer when reading a post from Michael Linenberger’s blog titled “New” iPhone E-mail App that Converts Mail to Tasks.

At this point, all I have done is dive deeper into researching the authenticity of the claims behind eMailGanizer.  So far the best article I’ve come across is at titled: eMailGanizer for iPhone. In short, the blog post confirms the claims and highlights that the app is not a silver bullet.  The primary warning centers around the need for eMailGanizer to index the content of your mail account.  The lag created by the indexing causes a small difference in behavior when compared to the native iPhone mail app.  In addition, I also found the note about integration with the author’s work Outlook account to be helpful.  Basically the comment noted that integrating with a work based Outlook Exchange can become complicated based on security settings.

Please let me know your feelings about this application.  Below are a few additional links to assist in your research:

eMailGanizer website:

eMailGanizer Blog:

eMailGanizer iTunes site:


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