DriveSavers to rescue my Micro SDXC 64GB card!

Cool gifts at Christmas make the holiday season go round. Under the tree, I found a 64GB Micro SD card this year. Naturally, a feeling if excitement rushed over me as this represented 4 times the current amount of data on my 16 GB SD card. As the assortment of 2, 4 and 8 GB memory sticks were consolidated in this new card, 40 GB disappeared rapidly! I was thrilled until several days later when the card failed to read.

It was quite clear that unfortunately the data on the card been corrupted. As a big sign that out of my mind, I thought to call Drive savers. They’ve saved me in the past. In fact, I was actually quite excited to call them due to being a past customer, I was able to get a $80 discount off their normal service which is $800 for this particular type of media. The flat fee is how they currently process this type of deliverable. I sent in the card approximately 10 days ago. The data was just uncovered last Wednesday. I was able to complete a transaction securely on the phone and the memory card along with the data on an external hard drive is being sent to my residence standard UPS shipping.

I look forward to getting the data back and reporting on how much was recovered. According to the Drive Savers logs, I was able to get all of the data back. It was 100% successful! I’m looking forward to verifying this information and a can grateful to drive savers for saving the day.

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