The Power of TED Talks

My curiosity Waltzed over to sometime last week. In the middle of folding laundry late one evening, I scrolled over to a TED Talk series on NetFlicks called: Chew on This. The first three episodes were amazing. Oddly enough, these are from 2010, so a significant amount of time has transpired since their creation. This makes the content even more intriguing.

Since starting the Chew on this series, my curiosity consumed at least a dozen more talks. Several by Guy Kawasaki caught my eye and found a home in the CommonPlace notebook. In addition, the talk describing how a grain of sand changed our understanding of the world became a a daily view for the last two days. The concepts presented intrigued and compels me to want to support further ocean exploration.

In short, check out and enlighten you world.


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