January 4, 2016 My First Dragon Anywhere Post

Testing out the compatibility of the Dragon Anywhere application for use with my simple microphone that comes with my iPhone5s. So far, I have been very impressed by the compatibility of the software in my microphone. In addition, the website that I publish on which is called StreetRhetoric.com needs to see if it is a custom word within the dictionary.
I have now just added the custom word StreetRhetoric.com to my vocabulary. I hope that it recognizes it successfully. Fortunately, the software did recognize it correctly!
For today’s blog entry, most interesting items I saw were two articles within in American Airlines magazine. The addition of the magazine was whatever is currently on display within the airplane for this particular month which is 2016-January. The articles stemmed from two different very inspiring paths. The first was a gentleman who has basically made his own private library which is 3500 ft.² in size. The second is a gentleman who spends his entire professional career throwing parties for the rich and famous. Interestingly enough, the theme between both of these gentlemen is the desire to do something they truly love. The first example chasing down the dreams and collecting rare manuscripts as well as fairly common manuscripts for some of the key ration of a magnificent library. More or less the inspiration was to create a creative space for the showing off of these artifacts and also the continuation of the more than 700 patents this particular gentleman has completed. The second example something ran into a Catch-22 when they realized that acting was not meant for them because reading over seven many scripts on the weekend when I started them clearly show that the inspiration was not there to chase this particular dream. Instead, a very wise question and selective guidance from his mother let him down a path of same and the job to which he does not feel like he works in our day. Either way, both of the stories are very fascinating very inspiring and interestingly enough related while being completely different activities in life.


example of gentlemen number one with his fantastic library from the American Airlines magazine.

example of gentlemen number two with his suggestion of throwing parties.
This wraps up my first blog post trying to use Dragon Anywhere. So far I am very pleased with the results and will now transfer this over to my WordPress site at StreetRhetoric.com.

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