StreetRhetoric.com is dedicated to providing you information that will make you a better investor.  The format for the site embodies the structure of a Commonplace Book.

 The inspiration for the site comes from working until all the rhetoric becomes removed and the root cause stands on its merit.  In the world of investing, the amount rhetoric reaches epidemic levels.  The name StreetRhetoric comes from connecting the nickname of Wall Street with all the rhetoric generated from the activities enabled by its patrons.  A beautiful simplicity underlies all this activity & to unveil this knowledge creates a lasting motivation.

The inspiration for the site centers around four sources:

  1. Technological Curiosity
  2. Mind Mapping or Mindmapping
  3. Voice Recognition / Speech Recognition
  4. Investing

Others may be added in the future.  However for now, these are focus.

Please kick back & enjoy the site!