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Thursday June 25th, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Welcome to the daily blog entry for street Today, I stalled out and had no positions in place. Again I’m still reeling from the $3500 loss the other day doing poor decision on my point to exit a position early. From the perspective of raiding my own self to be careful not to question my judgment. Exit it leveraged position of approximately 50% when the indicators did not look great as far as the potential for the stock to go even lower. The error I did make is not holding onto the position because the Phils X1 program should volume decreasing as it was approaching the sport line and show the support line was about $5.45 when the stock ended down five dollars and dirty eight cents all and all I can send Ms. on that line is not a huge indicator that the stock is about to go south would’ve the same time still did push through that support limited and the next stop was at $3.20 from that point. What that means from a perspective that I could look at long-term is abiding by the stock. The potential that it is going to go to $3.20. So, the potential to make a lot of money off of knowing this and grabbing the right position for what it does is of value.


NED backed by seems very of using the asset generate money instead of losing a bunch of money. This in and of itself is something that is very important for me to make sure that the metric of what I’m doing is very important. All of all, I’m disappointed in myself for exiting the position I’m sticking to my plan which was selling options to generate cash flow to make the asset an asset instead of something that suits my bank account or some incident account for 65 years and does nothing for me during the period of time when I need For the most.


The above mentioned. Something that I learned from the book Rich dad poor dad. In short, their definition of an asset is something that generate cash flow for you so in effect, my house is a liability because it is an expense to me every month even though most people will think of it as an asset because of its supposedly market about you. At the end of the day I cover all of it can still believe the best way to take that large sum of money and put it in the stock market to make it work so that when it is available for what I need to do I’m getting Would help me pay loans down the bills down and take advantage of the fact that a higher Catholic is the more opportunities to better utilize my time and flexibility.


They are reading the blog entry this morning and enjoy your trading day!

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