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learn to mind the freight train of greed

Today was a very exciting and I finally got my deposit in my ThinkOrSwim account. I started the run toward my financial freedom $4600.

I made a nice trade the morning at about 6:45 a.m. Pacific standard Time on Starbucks. I opened trade at at $17.20 and closed the trade at $17.38. that previously mentioned trade was through my Scottrade Account. unfortunately, I was little to trigger-happy compact the quite a nice profit and Starbucks today because the stock ran up to $17.60. Is

This is where my first experience with my ThinkOrSwim account comes in to play. I just completed the book get rich with option by Lee Lowell. I tried my first ever bear call strategy. While very exciting, I did not he to the rules set forth by LE Lowell in the book. I decided to buy just a little too close to the price at Starbucks which I thought being $.50 away would be a good enough. This is where the error of my thinking occurred. I over by the three now in front of the freight train of crude. I had to run and pick up a car and not a body shop because of an accident that happened the other day. While, the accident was not our fault the time that we have to spend fix the car is never going to keep come back to us. Before over this duration, I was unable to watch the market run all the way up slightly at my upside down point of $17.50. On an even more depressing note. I watched the stock climb even higher to about $17.50 which can really make my trade okay on the in the fact that I was $215 and the whole Gannon matter hours. After the commissions were taken out I ended up leaving approximately $300 on the day

All the better reason to remember that greed will get the better of anybody in the end. In our sitting here this evening, I would have rather made an easy $60-$80 dollars instead of being faced with my first loss of f$280

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