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Speech Recognition, Driving and Time Management

Today I found myself going to work on a beautiful sunny morning at approximately 7:30 AM Pacific standard time. Currently I’m using my Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional version 10 software to complete this particular paragraph. Furthermore, I’m using my Andrea electronics Bluetooth BT-200 microphone to complete the dictation wirelessly as I’m driving to work. All of this is being performed on a Toshiba Tecra M7 computer. Yes I know the particular computer is fairly old however it does the task fairly well as long as I do not have to have it multitask with other programs such as Microsoft Office. Even when both are running simultaneously, it is not so bad area I am a very happy customer with this particular dictation and actually very impressed that using the particular Bluetooth combination and the software at the same time works so well. The best part for me is that I am able to maximize my time by listening to the radio dictating at the same time and utilizing what would otherwise be a lost once the 230 minutes every single day.

Yesterday while I was going home to visit the kids for lunch, I heard about a company called MBLX. The specialty of the company is a totally biodegradable plastic. The differentiator according to the article that was on taking stock with Tim Fox claimed that their proprietary technology did not involve a catalyst the or other means to start the degradation process of the polymers. As a result, the particular opportunity seemed rather interesting. Furthermore, the stock recently pulled back with the rest of the great slide in the stock market and outcome back to a level which seems to be where it first in the IPO 3 to 4 years ago. The interesting part is that I could make a cash flow of approximately $300 each month by selling options each the size of a $1700 investment. The attractive nature for myself is that having this particular level of cash flow would be useful. As a result, I would be fairly interested in investing this particular device to see how well it could do long-term.

Otherwise, I had still been consumed with my normal day job lately which is a good thing. In this particular economy retaining a job that actually pays the bills is something of great importance to me during the major goal of my life right now though is to set aside enough time to 20 minutes today in order to post something useful on this particular site so that the trend of making this a useful site for investors to come to and gain information.

Good luck in your trading endeavors today!

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