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Andrea electronics WNC-1500 wireless microphone is incredible!

Tonight is my 1st evening using the Andrea electronics WNC-1500 wireless microphone. The microphone is a wireless device that runs on a 2.4 GHz signal. So far it has fantastic resolution for me I am very impressed by its functionality. Unfortunately, the initial set for the device was a little more challenging than I had anticipated after learning that turning the microphone on and then putting in the Bluetooth device worked out such that I could get the microphone to recognize my computer. I am hoping that the long-term training of this particular Bluetooth device will take precedence over any of my other microphones and I can send all of them out for that or use some other place. Initially, I tried to use a different version of a Bluetooth wireless microphone from Andrea electronics and ran into the issue of having an 8 kHz signal. This signal strength was far too small to push through high profile audio or bandwidth items. As a result, the dictations were almost spotty in the best rating the microphone received was 3 stars and Andrea which was a far cry from the five-star rating which I needed from the Dragon NaturallySpeaking team. Unfortunately, there is a large lag between my voice into the microphone in the processing of this to the Dragon software through the web based portal that provides the word press technology. This can easily be resolved long-term through addressing when I did take in the Dragon pad or another such device. All in all though I am ultimately satisfied because I can go back and correct this text and make the publication seem great.

Please note, I am also making this article in reference to the fact that we are looking at a mid range high quality microphone. There are several other much higher rated microphones on the website. At this point time however I am only looking at something that was in my budget range which is about $100. In addition, I was able to get this particular microphone at 20% off to signing up for the Andrea electronics website email list. All in all, this lead to a very promising situation which I was able to get basically free shipping.

The free shipping made this reality and also met my needs of replacing my wireless microphone. Essentially, I was not dictating as often as I could because the USB microphone I had before was a wired device and setting it up simply took too long to get out the short dictations that I needed process. Furthermore, I was unable to utilize it because often times I needed to pause a dictation and then move forward into processing this other different time such as to write to complete a task or two.

Otherwise, I simply wanted to capture this initial moment of using the microphone because the five-star quality has paid a huge difference in my ability to capture this particular information effectively. Furthermore, I am very happy in my purchase and will look forward to creating many of these dictations to come on my website.

Thank you for reading this article and supporting

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