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Tesla motors outsells Porsche in California!

As a booted up my computer this morning, I saw very interesting link to an article published on The article pointed out the fact that Tesla motors has outsold portion in its home state of California. The only odd fact about this article is that it unfortunately noted the revenue or a key portion of the revenue came from special sources. They did not confirm that Tesla is making money based on their automotive sales.

The title of the article was: Tesla outsells Porsche,  Jaguar in California; market value tops $20 billion. the purpose of the article headline was to quickly capture people’s attention. Most interestingly, the comments were positive for the Tesla cars. In fact, many people were very supportive if not raising about their experiences using this type of technology. More important to me is the controversial comments. As was shown in those comments people did the math on the amount of fuel and the amount of energy that would’ve had to go into the car, and at this point in time the benefit may be a balance if not a wash still towards traditional fuel-based cars. What is exciting is that Tesla is considering to move into the lower end of the market and also potentially make more accessible cars to people. Long-term, this will address these inefficiencies noted by some wise people in the comments. It will also enable a tipping point to where this technology can take over on a broader stream other than the state of California

thank you for reading the article!

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