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The To Do List 2014-07-31

So I find myself at the Portland airport catching a flight of inspiration while waiting to pickup my family members. The idea is to write an ongoing To Do list based on what catchesy eye. Tonight two items qualified:
1. A book called Pitch Perfect
2. A toy called Metal Earth

Both of the above items were found when walking through Powell’s Bookstore in the PDX Airport –by the way, if you’ve never been there, stop by it’s worth the time to experience an authentic piece of Portland remotely. In fact, finding Jena like these are the reason I strolled through!

Specifically, I want to read the book pitch perfect to understand the author’s perspective on how to improve communication skills. The Metal Earth products seem great for small presents –such as stocking stuffers– at Christmas.

Beyond these two items, I ran across a portable version of Settlers of Catan, and a card game called Munchkin. Both look like great fun. I was particularly intrigued by the card game Munchkin. The dungeon aspect without the roleplaying sounds perfect. Plus the lack of overhead along with card based nature seems to open the potential for significant replay value. At the end of the day, both sound like excellent rainy day options.

Well, the first entry is finished. Thank-you for reading & share your thoughts in the comments!

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