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Morning Post 2015-08-18 As Transcribed

Monday, August 17, 2015
the following dictation is an a.m. dictation according to the clock in my Ford Explorer that says 7:10 AM Pacific standard Time.
Noted, the dictation is being captured on an iPhone 5S actually the dictation is being captured on an ICD-PX820 Sony IC recorder. At this point in time, I am using this new tool to attempt to use the transcription service natively and improve its quality to the point where I no longer have to use my iPhone as a secondary primary repository. In short every day having to go into iTunes and trying to get a file off the phone is proving to be rather difficult.
Noted, the microphone is placed in the right-hand corner my mouth proximally 2 inches away from my lips.
Noted, all environment conditions are normal I am just entering onto a freeway which will cause some background noise levels to increase.
Noted, my voice-recognition quality is normal. The ambient conditions are normal.
Noted, the dictation will be processed using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 5 professional edition or its dictation client.
Welcome to the a.m. addition of a dictation for Street the goal this morning comes from the desire to describe how much fun the game is well is in short this is a very self-contained and small game however the replay factor is immense and the game itself has for some actions when you complain red blue or green each with a corresponding tradename I shoveled the deck and you simply continue to build a deck until you are able to bring the other persons authority down to 0 this is done through purchasing ships presentation of the ships and strategic implementation of the combat value and damaged that is provided of these particular resources at the end of the day, it is wonderful and my Two sons. Even more important is the ability to have this go into an online mode you can play anybody on the planet through any available major platform and have a wonderful result is misgiving more fun the amazing part of this is that a starter deck is $15 an online option of $4 actually 49 2 gaps address the cards they will continue to release expansions but the nice part is all expansions are the same. The cool part about the game now still becomes that surrounds/to get started with almost $5 you can get rolling on any major platform online against some of the best people in the world and learn a lot while having a good wholesome fun with the game that requires you to strategically think and rationalize out to beat your opponent I do a better activity
Thanks for reading the post for today August 17, 2015

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