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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual

Yesterday (2015-09-01) Mark my 1st attempt at downloading the upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional individual. The product is Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional 14, however, nuance simplified the branding message by introducing the individual, group and anywhere categories for this to software release. Unfortunate, the upgrade failed to install. Any unknown error with the installation package appears to be the root cause. The error code pointed to a mouse cursor change issue, which is perplexing… Either way, nuance support should be able to sort this out for me.

All update this post as activities progress.


2015-09-03 update to the post above:

my computer recently was upgraded Windows 10, and during the process something happened to the updates. It appears that the updates themselves were trying to install at the same time the installation for the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 14 individual professional edition was trying to install and I give the machine a break for a day a lot of to restart a couple times and turned off the ability to have peer-to-peer computer share updates with me. Eliminating this feature of allowing the peer-to-peer computers to share updates with me seemed to a limited the problem. Within a few hours my updates installed and the machine had taken probably 30 minutes to apply the updates before resolving to a normal state. I’m not sure exactly what happened but I’m very happy that both issues all sorted themselves out. At the end of the day I am now able to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional individual addition which is also the new release of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional 14.


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