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The p.m. post for 2015-09-04

Today is the second day using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Individual to transcribe a blog post. So far so good! This software is also known as Dragon NaturallySpeaking professional 14, however the team at Nuance decided to update the branding message it appears and start calling this product Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional Individual to help distinguish it from their larger products intended for commercial clients or large workgroups.

The most amazing items that I read today related around artificial intelligence. When time permits, several different links will be added from articles I came across to using LinkedIn. In short, made several vast improvements today. They bought a video reviewing software and they are starting to develop products that will work off of the platform of the Amazon echo. Furthermore, there voice-recognition for the Alexa product is much better now and available for open source. Either way this makes for very exciting to where products will start to begin adaptable learning and also unfortunately collecting vast amounts of data. To what extent this does good or bad things is still unclear but at the end of the day it will be interesting to watch this right progress.

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